Suspension Repairs and Upgrades in Virginia Beach, VA

Suspension Repairs By Certified Professionals — DIA Automotive

If you’re having a hard time steering and handling your vehicle, you probably have issues with your car’s suspension system. Ignoring these problems can be dangerous, so you should have your vehicle inspected by trained technicians as soon as possible. Finding a reputable auto shop can be difficult, but residents in Virginia Beach, VA should look no further than DIA Automotive. Our ASE-certified staff offers both suspension repairs and upgrades for all makes and models, whether you have a personal driver or a fleet vehicle, a new model, or a classic. Don’t let our small shop fool you — our experienced team has the ability to repair, replace, or upgrade shocks and struts, sway bars, wheels, tires, and more. We’re conveniently located near Lynnhaven Mall, so if you’re looking for suspension services, visit our shop today — 525 Viking Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452!


Understanding Your Car’s Suspension System

Your suspension system’s main function is to stabilize your vehicle and keep its wheels on the ground. Without it, you’d feel every bump in the road and tip over when you drove around curves. Many parts play a role in the system, but the main players include coil springs, shocks and struts, and the sway bar. When you hit a bump or pothole, the impact is absorbed by the springs and transferred to the struts or shock absorbers. Your sway bar comes into play when you enter a turn because it distributes your vehicle’s weight to keep all four wheels on the road.

If you feel every bump or have trouble steering your vehicle, you likely need suspension repair services. You should also visit our shop if your car sways, sits lower on one side, or leaks from its shock absorbers. We can give you a wheel alignment, replace worn-out shocks or struts, and fix the sway bar. Parts and services are backed by a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty, so you can trust you’re in great hands!


Upgrading Your Suspension System

There’s nothing wrong with your vehicle’s factory-installed suspension system, but if you want better handling and control, DIA Automotive can give you an upgrade. We use the best parts on the market, so it doesn’t matter if you want a partial upgrade, a full enhancement, or just a lift — we’ll make sure you get the quality improvements you’re looking for. If not sure what you’d like, our staff will review your options and help you come up with a plan. We can install new tires, upgrade your wheels, replace shocks or struts, swap out the anti-roll bar, and more. Our certified team can do it all, so if you want to upgrade your suspension system, make an appointment online or call our office today — 757-938-9995.